A Group Photo of the Classmates of the Wagner One Room School - 1947

This photo was taken when I was in second grade in 1947. I am on the left of the second row and I had lots of curly blond hair then. Carol Nueberger is also in the second row on the right. I attended the Wagner one room school near Pecatonica Illinois until 1951 when we moved about 50 miles near a small village called Brookville where I finished my eight grade in another one room school! This was only a few miles from where I was born!

In 2010 I got a message on Facebook from Sandi Lender who appears in this photo in the first row, second from the right. She was in first grade and I was in second grade. Sandi and I can only figure out five people in the photo!

We have been trading many stories about attending a one room school and she said she and several others from the school still had my Life cover and the photos inside!

Sandi said she used to sit in her desk and swoon over me. She said she thought I was the cutest thing but..... I ignored her, I only had eyes for Carol Nueberger!

I did find a photo of Carol and myself taken in 1947! I was surprised I still had a photo of her from so long ago!