Gene Eliza Tierney
  • Birth Place:     Brooklyn New York
  • Died:             06-11-1991
  • Born:             19-11-1920
 Gene Tierney autographed Photo

Better known for her extraordinary beauty than her acting talent, Tierney was the offspring of affluent parents. Her father was a very successful insurance broker and her doting and equally successful grandparents ensured little Gene went to the finest schools on the East Coast. She was then sent to Europe for two years of polishing, in Switzerland’s finishing schools.

Set on a career in the theatre, Tierney’s father established a company dedicated to his daughter’s thespian aspirations; by 1939 she was performing walk-on parts on Broadway. Friends with the stars of the day, she enchanted Darryl Zanuck and he signed her to 20th Century Fox. Appalled by the squeakiness of her voice in her first film 'The Return of Frank James', Tierney starts to smoke heavily to lower her voice; the unorthodox method worked but her addiction to cigarettes later caused the emphysema that killed her.

In 1941 Tierney made four films and attempted to marry actor Robert Sterling, but her parents disapproved and they split up. When she met designer Oleg Cassini, her parents again disapproved, so Tierney eloped to Las Vegas, using earrings as wedding rings. Two years later Tierney contracted German measles while pregnant, and her baby, Daria, was born deaf, dumb and mentally retarded.