Table Politics!

The first night I was seated at a table with seven others and we got to know each other. While talking I checked out the other tables and there were two young men sitting at that table and they didn't look too happy. Someone at my table asked about them and I said they must be on their honeymoon! Everyone laughed. Then I noticed a woman at another table, Viviane, and thought she might be interesting to talk to. So we got together and indicated that we would like to be together so after a few days the table seating arrangements were changed and we were all together at the same table.

The men were from Belgium and the older one, Mark, works for the embassy. He originally was stationed in New Delhi but now is in Santiago. Joost, his friend, teaches French after he gets up around noon each day. Poor dear, one does need ones beauty sleep! Vivian lives in Beverly Hills with her two sons and there were three others at the table from Japan who didn't understand much English. The first night I talked away for half an hour and Mark indicated that all they ever did was nod their head and say 'Yes - yes' but didn't know what was being said. That didn't stop me from talking. We also met a couple from Panama, Christin and Evan and they joined our little clique! He is a radiologist and is paying off his college loan by doing a term in the army. They will be moving to Phoenix and since my sister lives in Tucson, I can visit both of them.

Anyway, we had a great time on the tour. We partied every night and went on many excursions together. One night we had to dress up which I hate, it was a costume party. Mark put a crown on my head and then turned it upside down. That was better, looked like a motor cycle hat with lots of glitter on the brim! Kristin had braids and a hat and her husband, Ian, took pictures of the two of us. Ian also had a video camera and the next day Kristin said she went into the room and he had tears running down his face from watching what he had taped. It was of me doing a lip-sync of Olivia Newton John singing a song from Grease while dancing around like crazy. So now everyone had to see this tape and it was a big hit. I didn't know I could move my hips so much at my age! We tried to get Kristin and Viviane to dance but they just wanted to watch. I laughed because it was the first time there were more men than women that wanted to dance! Mark and Joost had their gear on from different places they had been, Mark in his 'Florence of Arabia' outfit and Joost in his Indian pajama outfit!

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