Peruvian Airlines is Defunct!

I had called my travel agent four times in the last two weeks and Marcelo did not return me calls. The woman who answered said he was having problems with three tour groups but was making sure I was getting a good deal on my extension to Easter Island. I was getting irritated as I didn't know how much the extension was going to cost and even if I would go. So I called a fifth time and got the same response. I said I wanted some conformation or else. She said he would call back as soon as he got off the phone. He got me a terrific deal on the flight, round trip from Santiago to Easter Island, almost 4,000 miles for $550.00. Not bad, plus a hotel, day and a half tour of island and a day to myself, breakfast included. He said he would tell me what happened when I came in and paid.

Travel Agency - March 12, 1999

So the same afternoon I went to the agency to pay for my extension to Easter Island. Marcelo said he had three groups trying to go to Peru and up to Macchu Picchu. He said after everything was setup, Peru Airlines went under from poor management. Figure this out, a state run monopoly where you have to fly everywhere due to lack of roads. Cuzco and Iquitos are heavily traveled and I can't imagine how the airlines could go out of business unless graft was at an all time high. Anyway, Marcelo said the following:

One group finally cancelled out.

When the second group got to Lima the luggage had disappeared and the airlines had no idea where it went! Marcelo indicated the entire group went shopping in Lima and was trying to buy clothes to finish the trip.

The third group was stranded in Sacramento of all places. United Airlines had stopped there and through some mix up, didn't get them to the L. A. Airport on time so they missed their plane to Lima.

Poor Marcelo, he said he booked me on an early flight to L. A. on Friday morning, 9:25 AM, as he was worried about the airlines schedule and wanted to be sure I had time to make the flight to Santiago in order to connect with Punta Arenas. Well we will see what happens!

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