My favorite sister, Yvonne and I, decided to take a trip to see the canyons in Arizona and Utah while I am visiting her in Tucson.   Last fall we visited San Diego and I got us a four day cruise to Cabo San Lucas, my sister's first cruise!  You may also read about our day to day experiences on our trip to the canyons below the following the links! 



Check out the photos we took on our trip to the various canyons in the Southwest on this link!


Check out the following link for maps and a brief history of the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park.


Also check out the shuttle service in each of the canyons and parks on this link.


Daily Diary of Our Vacation:


San Francisco to Tucson Arizona & the Car Pickup.


September 21, 2010

Day 1:  I went to the San Francisco airport (S.F.O.) to go to Tucson on South West Airlines and got there an hour early to have a coffee and croissant.  Well suddenly the time went from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and then to 1:00 p.m.   Excuse me.  So I rushed to the desk and they put me on a flight to San Diego and a plane change to Tucson.  By the time I rented a car and got to my sister's house I could have flown to London!

Tucson to Flagstaff

September 22, 2010 Day 2:  We left Tucson to drive to Flagstaff for our first night away from Tucson.   We got to Phoenix and it was over 100 degrees, I was not happy.   We got out of the car to stretch and that lasted about five minutes and we were in the car with air conditioning going full blast. 

We got to Flagstaff and stopped for a late lunch at Denny's and the waitress said the hotels were full but gave us her card and sent us to a local motel and we got a good reduced rate, only about $59.00.  Such a deal! 

The motel was nice and clean and we enjoyed a first night away from Tucson with nice views from the windows.


Grand Canyon Sight Seeing

September 23, 2010 Day 3:  Today we drove to the Grand Canyon.  The weather was perfect, only about 85 degrees.  We visited the Visitor's Center and told the man that Yvonne was handicapped and he smiled.  He said we could drive the east side of the South Rim from the Center to the Village but the best route was the west side that was closed to cars, only the shuttle could be used.

Except in our case, we were given a sheet of paper with a code and were told to use it to enter the shuttle only east rim tour. 

We drove to the Village, stopping along the way to take photos and talk to other tourists.  Then we had lunch at the Village and sent our aunt and uncle Johnny and Vera anniversary cards for their 70th wedding anniversary.  

Then we drove to the 'special' gate, entered the code and the gate opened up.  A bunch of women gave us a dirty look, like who are these people going through the special gate!   We saw only two other cars the entire time on the east end and took may spectacular photos.  We also met three men from India and had a great time talking to them. 

We then drove to Page and stayed at a motel by the Navaho Bridge.  We also had dinner there and filled the car with gas for the next day's trip to Kanab Utah.


Zion National Park

September 24, 2010 Day 4:  We arrived at Kanab Utah and stopped at the Red Feather Motel and found out the office opened at 3:00 p.m.   We asked if there would be a room available and were told, yes.

So off we drove to Zion National Park.  My sister said originally that she was not interested in Zion but as we drove into the park she suddenly said, "This is better than the Grand Canyon!"  

The road going into the park was a mess.   Lots of road construction and sometimes 60 or more cars stopped, waiting for the other cars to transverse the areas of one lane.  We were lucky as most of the time we were in the first group to go through the road stoppages.

We didn't take the shuttle as it was over 100 degrees and my sister didn't feel up to it.   We did get lots of photos and I didn't miss the shuttle too much as it was so hot. 

We got back to the hotel around 3:00 p.m. and got a room.  We met two couples and had a nice conversation, one couple from Milan Italy and the other from Seattle.


Bryce Canyon

September 25, 2010 Day 5:  Today we drove to Bryce Canyon and enjoyed the sights.  It was warm but not too hot.  We drove through about half of the park as my sister got tired and some of the views were up steep hills.  Even so, we had some great views and photo opportunities.

We stopped for a late lunch and had to laugh, the cafe did not have mashed potatoes and gravy, my sister's favorite.  So the waiter went back and asked his parents where we should to and they said a restaurant at the Zion - Bryce Canyon junction. 

So we did stop there for a nice meal.  We had to laugh, the very cute waiter, blond and about 21 was asked about all the Indian artifacts on the walls and he said he probably slept through the history classes in school.

For some reason I said I had been in the computer industry for over 40 years and he said again, he took computer technology classes in school but either slept or ignored the class!   My sister and I agreed, if we went back in 20 years he would still be there handing out food except, my favorite sister said, "Yes but, his tits would be sagging lower!"

We also stopped at the Coral Sand Dunes Park, lots of sand dunes colored salmon and lots of desert plants.


Glen Canyon Dam

September 26, 2010 Day 6:  Today we left Kanab and started back to Page Arizona and on to Flagstaff.   Along the way we saw a sign that we were passing the Glen Canyon Park with  the Glen Canyon Dam.   So we thought, why not stop and see the dam and visitor's center.  We had a nice time viewing the dam and reading about the history.

In the front of the center was a large slab of stone with foot prints of dinosaurs that were 20 feet long, the dinosaurs, not the foot prints.   We met a nice woman from England who took our photo overlooking the dam and Lake Powell.  This river feeds Lake Powell and the Boulder Dam in Nevada by Las Vegas.

We saw a road off of Flagstaff that indicated the Walnut Canyon Park with houses build about 1000 C.E. in the sides of cliffs.   We also saw the Sunset Crater Volcano, all in all, an interesting short drive off the freeway.

We were about 40 miles from Tucson when I noticed a crack in the windshield!  It was about eight inches long, then later it was 12 inches and by the time I turned the car in, it was about two feet long!  It was covered by the collision insurance at least!


Indian Casino - Tucson

September 27, 2010 Day 7:  Today we relaxed in Tucson and then decided to go the local Indian Casino for lunch.  They have a great cafe that looks like a 1960's restaurant with music and decorations to match.

We did do the penny machines but we each put in $20.00 and within about 15 minutes we were broke so off we went back home.

I decided to clean out the old climbing vines on the porch and it took me about three hours in the 90 degree heat but I do like to be active so the porch looks a lot cleaner and the vines will start to grow again from the cut off areas.  (Even if my sister doesn't believe it!)  They have been growing there for over ten years! 

We finally got to play cards as we were so busy or tired we just forgot to play cards on our whirl wind trip.


Lunch at the Thunder Canyon Brewery

September 28, 2010 Day 8:  Today we visited a friend of ours, Mary and her husband.  Mary joined up for lunch at a local shopping center - Thunder Canyon Brewery.

We have eaten there before and the food is great and a good price.  They brew their own beer there so lots of choices to be had.

We went back to Mary's condo and spent the afternoon getting up to date.

Later that afternoon we were back home and Neal was in his room and Yvonne was out in the front yard. I was sitting in the living room watching the news on TV when suddenly I heard a horrible crash!   I jumped out of the chair and yelled out!  

The very heavy ceiling fan/light, crashed onto the table where we play cards!  The screws in the ceiling gave way.  We were lucky we weren't playing cards and our heads would have been basked in by the fan blades.  All in all, very exciting.

We did play cards for the last time that night before I left for San Francisco the next morning.


Tucson to Los Angeles and on to San Francisco

September 29, 2010 Day 9:  The plane was delayed again, but not enough for me to miss my flight to LAX and on to SFO.  I met a young Taiwanese man who deals in specialty saloon hair care products and skin care and gave me his card.  He said he would send my samples of skin care for me to try.

Then on the plane a couple sat next to me, from St. Louis.  We had a long talk and they asked for my card as they love to come to the City.  I got home around 4:00 p.m. and down loaded my photos and relaxed and had dinner and to bed! 

Another great trip!  Wonder where I will go next?  India or Puerto Rica, time will tell!


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