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Photo Page 01 ~ Siem Reap Airport and Hotels Along the Way

Photo Page 02 ~ Village Over the River in Down Town Siem Reap!

Photo Page 03 ~ Bopha Angkor Hotel Where We Stayed

Photo Page 04 ~ First Day Touring Angkor Wat!

Photo Page 05 ~ Angkor Wat and Friezes

Photo Page 06 ~ Steep Steps to the Top of Angkor Wat

My 67th Birthday in Cambodia

Photo Page 07 ~ Venerating Buddha!

Photo Page 08 ~ Jungle Ruins - Trees Growing on Top of Temples!
Photo Page 09 ~ Temple Heads and Monks
Photo Page 10 ~ Hindu Temple and Friezes
Photo Page 11 ~ Houses Along Our Drive to the Far Hindu Ruins
Photo Page 12 ~ Farewell Breakfast!

Temple Dancers


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