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Photo Page 01   ~ 

Bus & Plane to Brazil and the Amazon!

Photo Page 02   ~ 

Tabatinga Brazil & the local market place. 

Photo Page 03  ~ 

Rio Amazonas - Our ship on the Amazon!

Photo Page 04   ~ 

Lily Pads to walk on & a Native Village!

Photo Page 05   ~ 

Native house & a Dug Out Canoe being made by hand!

Photo Page 06   ~ 

Fabulous Trees and Rainbows along the Amazon!

Photo Page 07   ~ 

Local Villagers and their homes.

Photo Page 08   ~ 

Bird Nests and Plants in the Jungle.

Photo Page 09   ~ 

The last day on the Amazon, perfect weather!

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  Charles Walter Buntjer

San Francisco California
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