I had never been through the southwest, and especially the canyons and the native American pueblos, the petrified forest and of course, Kitts Peak 40 miles from Tucson and the mile high telescopes viewing the universe.  

I rented a car and my sister and I left Tucson and drove to Albuquerque and Santa Fe, staying there over night and spending the day viewing the sights and visiting the art galleries.  Then we drove to Flagstaff, stopping at the Route 66 Casino for buffet.  Then to the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest.   We spent the night in a motel and off early the next morning to view the Meteor Crater, next to the Walnut Canyon National Park with fantastic cliff pueblos, next to the Sunset Crater Volcano and the Wupatki Native Americans with fantastic stone buildings constructed around 1000 CE.  We spent over night in Flagstaff and the next day we were off to Sedona.  A great drive through the canyons and fantastic views.  We stopped for shopping in Sedona and then left in the afternoon.  Unfortunately, we hit a horrible rain storm and the visibility was almost nil.  We couldn't stop as traffic was bumper to bumper.  The water was over half a foot deep at one point and on the freeway to Phoenix, some over passes were flooded and we drove at five miles an hour for an hour and a half.  Traffic was backed up for miles.  Then back to Tucson and we drove to Kitt Peak, a fantastic drive, 12 miles and one mile high!  Kitt Peak has around 23 telescopes, the largest sun telescope in the world, and they are building a large array radio telescope near the top.  Fantastic views but not a drive for the faint hearted.  Check out the pictures for a quick trip through New Mexico and especially northern Arizona!

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Santa Fe Road to Flagstaff Painted Desert Petrified Forest Meteor Crater Walnut Canyon Sunset Crater Wupatki Monument Sedona Canyon Kitts Peak

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