My favorite sister Yvonne has her birthday on January 31st and this year she is 80!   My birthday is on February 4th and I turned 72!   Hard to believe, isn't it?  So we decided to do a trip we have never done before and my friend in Austin, Viviane, suggested using her travel agent to book our tour.   Also my now favorite nephew Bill had enough mileage on United from all his business travels to get us free tickets to Anchorage and back!   He also gave us $2,000.00 to use against the cruise cost!  Such a deal.  We were to get into Anchorage the night before we take the early morning train to Whittier but I suggested we leave a day early in case of problems with airline connections and of course, getting in late and then up early and would be worn out before the trip even started.  Yvonne agreed and make us reservation at the Puffin Inn for the first night and the Captain Cook Hotel for the second night.  So we are ready for our trip, all online documents are complete and printed and airline reservations completed and hotels are booked.   We are ready for our eight day cruise!   Check out the photos!


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Photo Title 01    - Photos of Yvonne Buntjer/Burt's Life

Photo Title 02    - Cruise Itinerary and Receipt
Photo Title 03    - Chilean Glacier 1999 and Glacier Bay in Alaska 2012

Photo Title 04    - 8/30

Hotel Puffin Inn - Captain Cook Hotel - Anchorage

Photo Title 05    - 8/31

Performing Arts - Anchorage Museum - Flowers

Photo Title 06    - 9/01

Alaskan Railroad trip from Anchorage to Whittier

Photo Title 07   - 9/02

Sapphire Princess - First Day of Cruise

Photo Title 08    - 9/03

Hubbard Glacier

Photo Title 09    - 9/03

Chuck's 72nd & Yvonne's 80th Birthday Surprise

Photo Title 10    - 9/04

Glacier Bay

Photo Title 11    - 9/05


Photo Title 12    - 9/06


Photo Title 13    - 9/07


Photo Title 14    - 9/08

Final Dinner and Orcas and Porpoise and off to Vancouver!

Photo Title 15    - 9/10/13

Visiting Friends in the Bay Area

Dressed up for Dinner - September 8th, 2012!


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Published on: 2012.09.14


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