SF Music Day 2018: Colors of the Keyboard

Three years ago the City decided to put on for free, a day of music of all kinds for citizens to enjoy and learn of the many venues that exist in the Bay Area. The venues perform in the Herbst Theatre, the Green Room, the Atrium Theatre and the Education Studio in the San Francisco War Memorial Veterans Building. I counted 39 different venues and on the comment card I added that they needed to have a two day celebration of music so one could attend more of the activities. All in all, a fantastic way to spend Sunday afternoon.

Yearly Celebration at the War Memorial Veterans Building of San Francisco

The view from the War Memorial Veterans Building looking east towards City Hall. It has the fifth biggest dome in the world and is covered with 24 karat gold trimming!
Here I am in Herbst Theatre, just renovated about four years ago, the murals were done during the 1930s by men hired by the government to give them jobs.

Tiffany Austin - One of the best Jazz Albums of 2015!
Orchestra Backing Ms. Austin - Herbst Theatre.

Green Room - Renovated three years ago. Overlooks City Hall. Classical - Trio 180.


Luminance Ensemble - Three musicians originally from highschool, now writing and playing their own original music. Education Studio.

Fourth Floor - Taube Atrium Theatre - Curium Trio.

George Brooks' Aspada - Global Tapestry - Musicians from India, Egypt, the US and other countries.

Herbst Theatre - Mark Izu Ensemble with Brenda Wong-Aoki - Remembering the Internments of Japanese.

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Created on: 2018.09.30  

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