2018 San Francisco Gay Parade

There are suppose to be about a million people participating in the Gay Parade. I am lucky, after going to it for over 30 years I have seen and done most of the things related to the parade. I even covered it 25 years ago when I worked part time as a radio reporter! I interviewed people and even our local senator and other politicians. When I traveled to Rio de Janerio in Brazil, I think I did attend the biggest gay parade by accident as it was going on a few days after we arrived, over a million people, looked much larger than ours does. Now I can just step out on the balcony on the 28th floor of my apartment and view the parade with a glass of wine. Very nice indeed!

The parade was over 10 blocks long and lasted from around 11 a.m. until after 5:00 p.m. and of course a big flag of gay colors!

Everyone is included, gay, straight, bi-sexual, trans, lesbians and those who are confused. Even people for foreskin rights!

Almost all the major companies compete for floats and marching of employees to demonstrate support for gays!

The view from my apartment overlooking the City and the Civic Center. My geraniums and succulents are doing just fine overlooking the parade!

Created on: 2018.06.24
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Updated on: 2018.06.24