Villa Buntjer's Cocktail Party Villa Buntjer ~ Cocktail Party ~ 2018.06.18 Villa Buntjer's Cocktail Party           

   Cocktails on the 28th Floor of Villa Buntjer

Villa Buntjer's Cocktail Party

Gloira is a manager at the Downtown Senior Center and suggested the other day we had a cocktail party at the Pent House! I love a party and she said not to worry, she would bring treats! Treats, excuse moi! I said after 5:30 p.m. and she arrived at 5:00 p.m. with two very large bags! There were around 10 different cheeses plus a French Brie we all love. Ham, a vegetable plate with sliced radishes, olives, cucumber, tomatoes and other veggies. Also a plate of strawberries and cantelope. Two bottles of wine, a rosie and a sparking wine! LaVerne brought cantelope and two loaves of French Bread and cantelope. Virginia came with a container with the largest strawberries just at the best time to eat and a bowl of sour cream and also brown sugar, dip the strawberries in sour cream and then roll in brown sugar, to die for! My neighbor Trish brought a chocolate mousse cake and after we ate and talked for almost four hours, I made tea and we had the cake. Most of the food was gone, three bottles of wine were drank, and the cake was done! By 10:00 p.m. we decided we had eaten and drank and talked enough so everyone went home. Trish helped me tidy up and I washed all the glasses and dishes and by 11:00 p.m. the living and kitchen rooms were sparking clean.

The only comment made was the fact that my guests were all excited to see the light show on the top of the 1,065 foot Salesforce building. A seven story high movie of people walking, cars and other vehicles driving around the crown and at times, it is all blue with white clouds floating around it. It supplements the Bay Bridge lights that currently is the largest light art installation in the world!

Villa Buntjer's Cocktail Party

My neigbor Trish, Gloria and LaVerne.

Villa Buntjer's Cocktail Party                                 Villa Buntjer's Cocktail Party


Gloria and LaVerne
Villa Buntjer's Cocktail Party

And of course, the always the hit of the party, Virginia's miniature poodle!

Villa Buntjer's Cocktail Party

There was only one problem, the City view was terrific and the guest were checking out the Salesforce building as they were eager to see the light display on the top seven stories. Suddenly around 9:00 p.m. just as the lights were going to come on, the fog rolled in and nothing above the 40th floor of a building could be seen. So they figure next time I have a cocktail party, the view will be clear, if not, another party must be planned! Good thinking as we always have a great time!

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