Downtown Senior Center - - Leah's Pantry - 2018.03.14

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Our instructors were professional and friendly.

The class lasted for four weeks, every Wednesday. We were served each time, a fresh dish that matched the material we were being taught about. This last snack was excellant, celery, apples, raw cabbage and other food items. It was delicious and easy to make, check out the recipe!

As a gift for attending, we were given a water bottle and a stack of flyers that detailed such things as spinach, carrots,cabbage, frozen vegetables and fruit. Above are some facts about vitamins and minerals one can find in special foods.

Chuck and Trish attended the meetings and also joined in the question and answer segments. We enjoy going to such discussions and finding out facts we might not know. Facts about blood pressure, calcium, sodium content, and how to figure out the amount of sugar in a product. Take the number of grams such as 12 grams in a bottle of flavored water. Divide the 12 grams by 4 = 3 teaspoons of sugar! Read the labels on the products and then calculate the actual sugar content.

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  Charles Walter Buntjer

San Francisco California
Created on: 2018.03.14  

Updated on: 2018.03.14