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Holiday Celebrations

2020.12.01 to 2021.01.01

Trish is my neighbor and lives four units south of me on the 28th floor of Fox Plaza. We both have the same view of downtown San Francisco, the bay and East Bay. We can see Mount Diablo 50 miles east of us, what a view! And a early winter full moon rising over the east bay hills!

I thought about not doing decorations this year due to the pandemic and probably lack of any cocktail parties or holiday parties. Of course I was downtown at the hardware store and saw some things I wanted and suddenly I decided to buy some things to use to put up my usual decorations. I came home and within an hour had my decorations set up including for the first time, my front door. I decorated it like a gift box!

Chuck's Holdiay Decorations for 2020

Chuck's Holdiay Decorations at Night for 2020

New Christmas Cactus from the Farmer's Market Three Blocks from Me!

I had just finished dinner and was looking at the view when my phone rang. Trish asked me if I wanted desert and of course, I said "Yes!". She said I should make tea for us and I told her to come over as I made tea! She came in with Christmas packages! She said we were going to start the holiday off with a bang! So here we are with our first gifts for Christmas, an Avent Calendar full of chocolate delights!

The Chocolate Truffle Advent Calendar from Trish - 2020.12.01

As we were unwrapping our gifts Trish got nervous, she asked me, "Did you peek and know what the gift is?". I said "No!" but I did shake it and it made a rattling sound. What could it be I asked?

Chuck's First Gift from Trish - 2020.12.01

Trish's First Christmas Card & Present from Chuck - 2020.12.04

Trish told me to stop mailing her Christmas Card to her when we live only four units apart, save a stamp she tells me! So this year I gave her the card with a small gift! She loved the salt in the grinder, said it was just what she wanted! So a win win on both subjects!

Trish's Second & Third Present from Chuck - 2020.12.13

Trish got me started on an early morning breakfast of a hot oat cereal. We use raisons and I bought each of us one that had six boxes of raisons in it! Plus there was a sale on microwave cups at half price at Safeway! Such a deal, so I bought two of them, we now have matching cups! They are large so Trish was very happy!

Chuck's Second & Third Present from Trish - 2020.12.13

I had two gifts and one looked like a flying saucer? Very strange, and two balls wrapped in foil! I opened the flying saucer and had to laugh, it was two microwave plates and she had pasted a bottle of cinnamon to the bottom and wrapped the whole thing in paper! Why cinnamon, read on!

Trish told me she gave me apples because we were going to the kitchen and she was going to show me how to make mash to put on the hot cereal. I had a few extra ones so we chopped up the apples into small squares and filled the container with water just to cover the apples and sprinkled cinnamon over them, gave them a stir. Into the microwave and it took about ten minutes on high to almost cook them. So now I have a container of apple mash for my morning hot cereal! Courtesy of Trish!

Chuck & Trish's Christmas Sing Along - 2020.12.18

Upper Left Hand Corner of Course!

The Sequoia Senior Center had a Christmas sing along featuring the seniors living in the center. They invited others to join in and sing along, a PDF file was provided with the songs and words to follow along or turn off your microphone and sing at home. Trish and I dished while we listened to the singing! She came over to my apartment since for some reason, she was kicked off the Zoom site at her apartment. She also brought a hat over for me to wear to keep with the holiday spirit!

Trish's Photo of City Hall and Christmas Tree - 2020.12.24

The Evening Before Christmas!

This year the Christmas Tree in front of City Hall only had lights on it, no decorations. This seemed appropriate for celebrating the Christmas of 2020! And at night one can see how wonderful the tree and City Hall looks all lit up!

Christmas Dinner on December 25th, 2020

What a Morning Sunrise! Chuck's Dinning Room Table - Ready for the Turkey!

Cocktails Before Our Christmas Dinner - 2020!

Christmas Dinner Provided by Trish on December 25th, 2020

Presents From Gloria at the Downtown Senior Center

Tea Towels - Italian Barley Soup Mix - Cookies

More Presents from Chuck and Trish!

Trish Found Inexpensive Hair Spray - I have very fine Hair so I need a little spray to keep it in place!

Trish bought Me a Can of Broth for the Italian Barley Soup Mix! She Also Bought me a Cabbage for the next time I make us Home Made Soup!

I got her a Plush Towel and a Big Container of Raisins for her Hot Oats Porridge!

Zoom Get Together after Christmas - 2020.12.25

My Friend Virginia asked Me to Setup and Host an After Christmas Chat with Friend. This is My First Hosting of a Zoom Meeting with Multiple Guests! I worn my New Years Hat to celebrate the new year and new President and Vice President!

Trish - Chuck - LaVerne - Virginia - Luba

New Years Eve Party

Buntjer's Penthouse


New Years Eve Cocktails - Vodka & Passion Fruit Juice - 2020.12.31

Steak - Mushrooms - Baked Potato - Cauliflower - Brocolli - Lime Tart

Our Friend Naomi Dropped off Presents at 4:15 P.M. - 2020.12.31

We Opened Them After Dinner!

Of course we didn't read the directions on the Glow Sticks and ended up finding out how to use them eventually! Naomi makes a lot of dried fruit and knew we loved the Blue Berries dehydrated. Trish and I love to put them on our morning hot Oats porridge!

Bringing in the New Years - 2020.12.31

Trish had to laugh, after about five minutes the coffee table was a mess, she said I needed to pose for a photo!

Since San Francisco as most places in the USA, didn't have an official Fireworks Display, she looked for one on her iPad. She told me to check out the great fireworks but then had to laugh, they were in Berlin!

And just before Midnight we managed to figure out how to do a necklace with the Glow Sticks and we decided to take selfies!

And then suddenly it was 2021! Happy New Year!

2021 - Apartment all Cleaned up for the New Year!

January 01, 2021 - First Day of the New Year!

I started out the new year cleaning my apartment and then decided to go to the mall to buy some Adidas Shirts I like to wear. They only had stripes of white or a lime color!

I also want to get back into a routine when possible and walked down and back home, a total of three miles. I did some extra steps and at the end of the day did over 5 miles!

Early Morning View of San Francisco on January 1st, 2021!

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